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Custom-made signs, banners and vehicle lettering
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All artwork remains the property of the designer and is protected under United States Intellectual Property laws.


50% deposit required before any work begins; balance and PA sales tax due in full upon completion of job.


Tax-exempt organizations must submit a completed and signed PA sales tax exemption form or sales tax will be due upon completion of job.


$50 charge for checks returned unpaid for any reason.


Sorry, due to rising account fees we no longer accept credit cards.



Evans Graphics does not do "bid work."  We are not interested in doing business with customers who base their purchasing decisions solely on price.  Our prices are very reasonable, and we give our customers a price quote before we accept the job.  However, we do not give prices for comparison with our competitors.  If you are a price shopper, please call our competitors, and do not waste your time or ours.  The overwhelming majority of our business is from repeat customers, and that says something about the quality and value of our work.



Extra special policies:

We don't do race cars.  No exceptions.

We also don't tint windows.

Complaint department is open on the second Tuesday of each week, except holidays.

You only see one side at a time.

We don't run an "instant" sign shop.  Although we can sometimes do a job right away, we usually can't.  If you need a job done by tomorrow, call us three weeks ago.

Although we stand behind our work, we have found that the work is usually easier to see when you stand in front of it.

We don't do race cars.

The customer is always right, except when he or she disagrees with me.

You look at signs and graphics, you don't sniff them.  If you're so close to the graphics that you can smell them, step back; you're way too close.

We don't do race cars.

Prices subject to change according to the customer's attitude.

We're open 24 hours, but not in a row.

Do not pick on our customers, that's OUR job.

Did I mention that we don't do race cars?  Well, we don't, so don't ask.

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